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PPL has not yet made a final decision to build the Bell Bend nuclear plant.
There are several key milestones that need to be reached before a decision can be made. 

NRC License
        PPL filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a combined construction permit
        and operating license, called a COLA, in October 2008. The NRC accepted, and docketed, PPL's application
        in December 2008. To read the NRC's announcement, click here. Acceptance of the application is the first
        milestone in the NRC review process, which is expected to take three to four years. Currently, the NRC is
        considering the Design Certification Application for the U.S. Evolutionary Power  Reactor, filed by AREVA in
        December 2007. That approval is required before the NRC can approve Bell Bend's application.

        >> Click to access the NRC website to view PPL's application for a combined license (COL) 

Loan guarantee
        PPL has filed both parts of the application for a federal loan guarantee with the U.S. Department of Energy.
        Part one was submitted in September 2008; part two was submitted in December 2008.  Subsequently, the
        Department of Energy informed PPL that the Bell Bend project is not included in the first tier of projects to be
        considered for loan guarantees.  In early 2009, the Department of Energy selected four projects for intensive
        due diligence and negotiations for loan guarantees, and Bell Bend was not among the selected projects.

          PPL did not expect the Bell Bend project to be selected for loan guarantee negotiations at this time
        because other projects are considered to be ahead of Bell Bend in licensing, engineering, contracting
        and procurement. PPL remains in the loan guarantee process so that we will be ready to move if our
        ranking improves or if additional funding for loan guarantees is approved.

        Without federal loan guarantees or other acceptable financing structures, companies like PPL will not be able 
        to secure financing for advanced-design nuclear power plants to meet future energy needs without adding to 
        carbon dioxide emissions.

             >> Click to access the loan guarantee program website

        Because Bell Bend is an extremely large and capital-intensive project, PPL is looking for other companies 
        to invest in the project. PPL does not plan to undertake nuclear construction alone.

Technology approval
        Certification of the reactor design chosen for Bell Bend, AREVA’s Evolutionary Power Reactor, is currently 
        under review by the NRC.




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