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Benefits of Nuclear

Nuclear power is undergoing a renaissance in the United States.
There are more than 20 new plants in various stages of development around the country. 

                                         >> view map showing development projects including Bell Bend on the NRC web site
>> view map showing the proposed site for Bell Bend

Nuclear plants are green. 
        Unlike other generating methods, nuclear energy does not emit greenhouse gases.

Nuclear plants are safe.
        American nuclear plants are already among the safest and most secure industrial facilities in the United States, 
        with multiple levels of physical security and built-in redundant safety features. The new generation of nuclear 
        reactors will be even safer because of new technologies.

Nuclear plants improve energy security. 
        It’s time to reduce this nation’s reliance on foreign oil, and nuclear plants are a key part of this nation’s 
        energy future.

Nuclear plants help meet growing demand. 
        Customers are using more electricity every year, and new large-scale power plants are needed to satisfy that 
        demand and help our economy grow. Nuclear will play a key role in meeting America’s energy demands.


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