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 Benefits of Bell Bend

Safe, Clean & Reliable

Safe, Clean & ReliableNuclear plants are safe. Bell Bend’s design would include:

  • Enhanced safety features
  • Four redundant safety systems
  • Hardened shell to protect against impacts

Nuclear plants are clean. Bell Bend’s nuclear generation would:

  • Emit no greenhouse gases
  • Help reduce our nation’s reliance on foreign oil

Nuclear plants are reliable. Bell Bend would be:

  • Creating JobsDesigned for reliable operation
  • Designed to generate energy efficiently

Creating Jobs

Building the plant would create an estimated 4,000 construction jobs and 400 new, good-paying permanent jobs for the region.

Tax Revenues

Tax RevenuesThe plant would pay significant amounts of real estate and other taxes to Salem Township, Luzerne County and the Berwick Area School District.

Economic Stimulus

A new industrial facility the size of Bell Bend would mean tens of millions of dollars in economic stimulus to the local economy, the surrounding region and the state of Pennsylvania every year.

Example of economic benefits:
To get an idea of the kind of economic benefit that can result from a new power plant, here are some statistics about PPL’s nearby Susquehanna nuclear plant:

  • Real estate taxes paid: About $4 million per year.
  • Economic StimulusAnnual economic impact for Luzerne County*
        Labor income $37.3 million
        Plant expenditures $966,000
  • Annual economic impact for Pennsylvania*
        Labor income $196.7 million
        Plant expenditures $56.1 million

*Source: Nuclear Energy Institute economic impact study of the Susquehanna Plant (November 2006).




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